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Hardware & Software Sales

Laptops, Desktop, Printers, Server, Workstations, Storage Devices, Computer Peripherals, UPS, Antivirus, Adobe, NAS.

IT Support & Services

Annual Maintenance of IT Products, Peripherals and Networking, Facility Management Service, IT Consultancy Services.

IT Infrastructure on Rent

IT Products on Rent, Leasing of Laptops, Desktops, Servers, Scanners, Printers, Projectors, Monitors, Networking Products, Power Solutions

Smart Class Rooms

Smart classroom is where concept meets technology. This becomes possible when the students get to visualize the theoretical concepts with the assistance of different advanced devices and software.

Surveillance & Networking

Surveillance System, CCTV Equipment Setup & Installation, Security Cameras & DVRs, Fire Fighting Systems, VOIP/EPBAX Solutions.

Banking Solutions

Mini Banking Counter, Kiosk Banking, BANK BANDHU, Trusted Money Transfer, Alternative channel for formal Banking at customer doorstep.

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